About Dr. Phillips

Dr. Phillips was in private practice in Northwest Oklahoma City from 1986-1994.  After that time she spent 14 years raising her own children at home.  In 2008, she re-established her private practice in a new location on Northwest Expressway.  In 2011, she opened an additional office location in far southeastern Oklahoma, an under-served portion of the state. Dr. Phillips now has an office in McCurtain County located in Broken Bow, Oklahoma in the Bear State Bank building at 411 South Park Drive. Her office space includes a separate traditional play therapy room equipped to help children express themselves and work on their unique concerns and  issues through the use of art and play materials.  Adolescents, parents and families are seen in a traditional office space. 

Dr. Phillips received her BA in psychology from Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia, in 1977.  She spent four years working as an educational therapist with severely emotionally disturbed/behavior disordered children in the public school system prior to entering graduate school.  She obtained her MA and PHD both in clinical child psychology from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois, completing her degree requirements in 1986.  As part of her doctoral training she served a one year internship at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center with her primary placement at the Child Study Center.  She has been continuously licensed as a psychologist in Oklahoma since 1987.