Faith L. Phillips, Ph.D.
Clinical Child Psychologist

    Dr. Faith L. Phillips is a clinical child psychologist practicing in Broken Bow, Oklahoma.  Although her background includes extensive training in psychological evaluations, including projective techniques, academic evaluations, neuropsychological evaluations and sexual abuse evaluations, she currently restricts her practice to psychotherapy with children (ages 3-12) and adolescents (ages 13-18) and to parent consultations regarding general child rearing issues.  She has a special interest in helping adoptive parents and their children with relationship issues, as well as in helping divorced parents navigate parenting issues effectively.  In Broken Bow, her office is located in the Bear State Bank building at the corner of South Park Dr. and Choctaw St.

   Dr. Phillips has training and experience in working with a variety of child and adolescent psychological issues.  Some of the specific types of problems she works with include:  children/adolescents who have experienced trauma or loss through death or divorce; depression, separation anxiety, general and specific anxiety disorders (e.g. trichotillamania),  conduct disorders, oppositional and defiant behavior disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, Asperger's Disorder, shyness, low self-esteem, depression secondary to medical conditional, sexual abuse victims, sexual acting out, hyperactivity disorders, behavior problems in the classroom, PTSD, fears and phobias, regressive behaviors, parent-child relationship problems, parent-child communication problems.

   Dr. Phillips employs a variety of techniques and modalities to address her patients' concerns.  Modalities include insight oriented psychotherapy, supportive psychotherapy, traditional non-directive play therapy, directed play therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, in vivo desensitization, imagery, relaxation training, family therapy, and parent consultation/training.  An individual's therapy is tailored to the patient's and family's needs and may include any or all of the modalities listed.

    Disorders that Dr. Phillips does not work with include autism (already diagnosed) and anorexia (already diagnosed).  If your child has received one of these diagnoses, Dr. Phillips can suggest other psychologists who are better qualified to meet your needs.